Horizontal Vertical Flanged & Drilled PTFE Lined Style – HT


The Check-All Flanged & Drilled – Fluoropolymer PTFE Lined (HT) check valve is a one-piece body valve with ANSI/ASME B16.5 Class 150 flanged ends. The valve has a solid one-piece PTFE liner, which covers the flange faces out to the raised face diameter. All wetted surfaces are fluoropolymer (PTFE/FEP/PFA) including the FEP encapsulated stainless steel spring. Style HT bodies are made of cast Carbon Steel only. The liner is made of virgin PTFE. It is installed as one solid piece of PTFE and the internal geometrical shape is machined. The PTFE liner has a minimum wall thickness of 3/32 inch which guarantees against pin holes which can be present in fused liners.

Size & Dimension
Nominal Pipe Size Size Code A B Orifice* Diameter
1 H 3.75 4-1/4 0.890
1-1/2 J 4.38 5 1.385
2 K 5.13 6 2.025

Available Materials
* WCB/WCC Carbon Steel (CS)

pressure Temperature Table
Body Material Liner Material Nominal Pipe Size Non-Shock Pressure-Temperature Rating
WCB/WCC Carbon Steel (CS) PTFE (TF) 1" 55 PSIG @ 100°
1-1/2" - 2" 20 PSIG @ 100°

Seat material and spring material selection may limit the recommended service temperature.
See seat ratings, spring ratings, and body material ratings for their respective recommended service temperatures.
Consult the factory for reduced P-T rating above 100 °F. Standard spring material is 316 Stainless Steel.

Flow Data


1 12.6
1-1/2 34.5
2 83.0


Note: All flow curves and Cv values presume the valves are fully open with 1/2 PSI cracking pressure springs. Consult the factory for more information.

Valve Weights
1 HTHCS 3.7 lb.
1-1/2 HTJCS 5.8 lb.
2 HTKCS 9.4 lb.

Seat & Cracking Pressure Options
Valve Style Size Range Body Materials
Other Options
Allowable Seat Materials
Other Options
Standard Cracking Pressures
Other Options
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Standard Spring Material
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Standard Spring Material
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