Premier Valve Manufacturing Company of Silent In-line
 Spring Loaded Poppet Check Valves


Flange Connection
( F1, F6, FP, WV, HV )

Installed in ANSI flanges with ratings from 150 to 2500 depending upon valve style and size.

Threaded Connection
( U3, U1, BU, CN, M1-M8 )

NPT & BSPT in male and female threads.  

Sanitary Connection
( 3S, SC, TC, CB )

3-A and standard sanitary connections in Tri-Clamp®, Cherry-Burrell Q-Line and S-line and other options


Welded Connection
( US, B4, B8 )

Socket weld and Schedule 40 & 80 Butt Weld.

Tubing Connection
( TV, TF )

Compression and 37° flared end fittings.  

Lined Pipe Connection
( LP, HT )

ANSI flange connections for metal and lined pipe applications.

Unique Connections

Unique Connections
(UV, VI, SI, CAV )

45° seated ground joint union , vacuum flange, and other connections for your specific application.

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Silent Check Valves:

Engineered for silent operation. Check-All valves close quickly and smoothly prior to reverse flow; there by, preventing water hammer noise associated with hydraulic shock.

Spring Loaded Check Valves:

Function equally well in either vertical or horizontal position with proper spring selection. Designed with the spring upstream of the seat, strategically placing it outside any mixing and potentially aggressive solutions.

Poppet Check Valves:

Designed to reduce maintenance costs, the Check-All design is simple, rugged and efficient. The seating surfaces are parallel to each other, thereby, preventing the excessive wear occurring in plug, cone, and ball seats.