Check-All Valve Body Material Temperature Ratings

Internal material may differ from body materials. Material selection for specific application is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact sales@checkall.comfor more information.

Check-All Valve Seat Material Pressure-Temperature Ratings

The temperature ranges given below are for ideal conditions and may vary with a specific application or service. Metal to metal seats and PTFE seats are not "bubble tight". See Application Guidelines or consult the factory for further information.

Other o-ring compounds are available. Please contact for more information.

Check-All Valve Spring Material Temperature Ratings

Check-All Valve also offers FEP Encapsulated springs, which are springs, incased in heat shrinkable FEP tubing. The ends of the tubing are plugged with FEP and sealed. FEP Encapsulation may reduce flow capacity and the cracking pressure may vary. Some springs for .348 and .464 orifice diameters are not available with FEP Encapsulation. Consult the factory for a substituted spring. Temperature range for FEP Encapsulation material is -320° F to 400° F.