3-A Sanitary Check Valve Style – 3S

The 3-A Sanitary Check Valve (3S) is an all 316/316L stainless steel insert check valve with a standard 32 Ra or better finish, (consult factory for finer finish availability) for use in new or existing sanitary systems. Our 3S design seals on the ID of sanitary ferrules with 3-A specified materials (standard is EPDM). This check valve seals inside fittings such as Alfa Laval Inc. Bevel Seat, and Tri-Clamp®, Q-Line, and S-Line and others with ID dimensions equal to the “F” dimensions listed below under Size & Dimensions. The valve is designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning and spare parts are available. Our compact 3S fits inside a single set of ferrules, (ferrules not included) and requires no additional space in the line. The insert design makes it extremely economical when compared to full-bodied valves. We offer a wide variety of seat materials and cracking pressure springs allows this series to be used as a check valve or vacuum breaker. Please specify when ordering.
Note: USP Class VI o-rings can be supplied with certification.

PED Compliance Statement: Due to the unique “insert” design of our 3S, SC, CB, TC, SI, & UV, style check valves, they do not constitute an “identifiable pressure bearing housing” as defined in PED Guideline 1/8. These styles must be installed into either ferrules or fittings to create a pressure bearing housing. Instead, they are classified as “components of pressure equipment” as defined in PED Guideline 1/8. As a result, these valves can be sold in the European Community and no CE Mark is required.

In addition applications where the maximum allowed operating pressure is 0.5 bar (7.2 psi) or less, do not fall under the PED, regardless of the valve style.

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