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Check-All Valve currently has in stock literally thousands of other cracking pressure springs which are not listed in the standard cracking pressure table.  If you desire a cracking pressure spring not listed as a standard, please contact the factory for more information on other cracking pressures that are available sales@checkall.com. Since Check-All assembles valves to order in a timely fashion, if the non-standard springs are in stock, lead-time is not affected. All springs have a tolerance of + or - 15%.  Temperatures exceeding -320º to +400ºF contact sales@checkall.com.  1/8 PSI springs are not recommended for flow vertical down.  ½ PSI spring supplied if cracking pressure not specified. 
3SC Series Valves: Standard springs for 3SC Series are ½ and 1.5 PSI. 


This table shows only the spring materials that are the standard spring material for a given valve type and material. Since Check-All assembles valves to order in a timely fashion, many other spring material options are available. If the spring is in stock, this does not affect lead-time. Please contact the factory for more information if you would like a spring material other than the material listed as standard sales@checkall.com.


This table shows the standard body materials Check-All Valve currently offers. Other materials are available. Please contact the factory if there is another valve material you require that does not appear in the table sales@checkall.com. We currently make valves from other materials than are shown. In addition, we recognize our customer's desires as paramount and do our best to meet your needs.


Check-All Valve offers a wide variety of standard seat material options for nearly every valve we make. The most common materials are shown in the table above. Check-All's unique trim design allows the use of standard o-ring sizes, which oftentimes are readily available in other materials. If one of the standard o-ring materials will not work in your application, please contact the factory and advise the material required sales@checkall.com. Some examples of common offerings include FDA compounds, FEP encapsulated o-rings, and many other elastomeric materials. Check-All assembles valves to order in a timely fashion, which means even special seat materials does not always equate to extended lead-times.

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